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Podcasting starts with an idea: an idea that is not easily squished! However, long before their creators ever sit down at the microphone, a podcast idea needs to hardened, tested, and found worthy. This goes beyond just content creation and delivery. It requires real thought and structure to design a podcast that will survive long enough to find an audience. Follow your host Kyle M. Bondo has he takes fragile podcast ideas and transforms them into fierce audio concepts that are Not Easily Squished!

Mar 31, 2020

Ep.02 - Principles of Good Podcast Design Part 1

Kyle explores the Ten Principles of Good Design by Dieter Rams to see if these principles can help you determine if your podcast design is good design.

Episode at a Glance

Every design student at some point in their career has encountered Ten Principles for Good Design by...

Mar 23, 2020

Ep.01 - I am Not Easily Squished
Where do podcast ideas come from? Kyle explains how the influences of two brilliant designers -- Sir Jony Ive and Hillman Curtis -- helped form his design philosophy foundation.

From Sir Jony Ive he learned:

  • Encouraged informal questioning and inquiry, tolerated mistakes and promoted...