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Podcasting starts with an idea: an idea that is not easily squished! However, long before their creators ever sit down at the microphone, a podcast idea needs to hardened, tested, and found worthy. This goes beyond just content creation and delivery. It requires real thought and structure to design a podcast that will survive long enough to find an audience. Follow your host Kyle M. Bondo has he takes fragile podcast ideas and transforms them into fierce audio concepts that are Not Easily Squished!

Jul 31, 2020

Ep.06 -- Dawn of the Podcast Designer

Kyle talks about Podcast Designer as an emerging discipline and how it will be a vital skill for any studio focused on podcast content creation.

Episode at a Glance

Podcast design is an act of communication. However, a common mistake made by most podcasters is thinking of ourselves as only audio communicators. We’re fortunate to speak the audio language fluently, but we need to be able to translate that thinking into visual and performance mediums as well. In other words, we need to be bilingual. But not in the way you would expect. If you are bilingual, it means you are fluent in two languages. However, using bilingual in the context of audio communication AND visual and performance mediums is a little more nuanced. And it is the cornerstone of good podcast design.

Notable Quotes

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense."
-- Thomas Edison

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Not Easily Squished, hosted by Kyle M. Bondo, talks about Audio Experience (AX) Design and the emerging discipline of Podcast Design. Learn how to take your fragile podcast concept and transform it into a fierce audio experience that is Not Easily Squished!

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